#ProjectSelf: Pamper and Chill

#ProjectSelf: Pamper and Chill

Hi everyone. After such a long blogging break, I don’t even know where to start. There has been a lot of changes since I last posted, and although I have missed blogging, I’ve been working on what me and my friends call #ProjectSelf. Working on yourself, your goals and doing more of whatever it is that makes you happy!

Pamper and chill – Life can get so busy, and it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day chaos but I do think it’s so important to take time out for yourself wherever you can. Even though I do love a night out with the girls, when I want a chilled night in, a good pamper session to me is an evening winner. Candles on, relax in a nice hot bath, mud mask, paint nails, tan…perfect!

I’ve really been loving the new St Tropez Purity tan mousse for my body and spray for my face. It honestly smells absolutely amazing, no more biscuit smelling tan and it leaves your skin feeling so nice and refreshed after using it. For me, it doesn’t come out as dark as the St Tropez Express tan so I tend to use the purity mousse on the days in between to help keep my tan topped up.

For nails, OPI is one of my favourite nail brands. OPI nail envy works so well to help strengthen my nails, I notice such a difference when I don’t use it as my nails tend to break really easily. For top coat I always use Seche Vite, it dries my nails so quickly, adds a gorgeous gel like shine and helps keep chips away for longer than any other top coat I’ve used so far.

Lastly I just wanted to mention the amazing No.11 candle from…Aldi! I heard that the Aldi candle range were good Jo Malone dupes but having tried a few of the others in the range, I think No.11 has been the best one so far and smells absolutely DREAMY. I only found one left on the shelves and I’ve already almost used it up so if I see them again I’m definitely buying in bulk.

Are there any new products you’re loving right now? Let me know! Katherine xx



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