Nude Nails Feat Urban Outfitters

Nude Nails Feat Urban Outfitters

Nude nails isn’t something I usually go for, I love my grey and red colours but recently I’ve  seen so many gorgeous nude nails on Instagram I thought I’d try and find the perfect nude. I have a few pale nude pink shades but sometimes they can be so sheer it can take about three coats to build them up. 

So then I stumbled across the nail polish range in Urban Outfitters with my friend a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know if it’s a new thing or if I’m really late but I didn’t know Urban Outfitters did nail polish. I picked out the shade called ‘Sand Castle’ which is a light brown nude that didn’t look like it needed much layering.

I’m really happy with my new nude, I used two coats in the picture above, and I found the polish so easy to apply. Sometimes brushes can be too small and it can take forever to paint one nail but I found this one to be just right. The range is reasonably priced too, I bought Sand Castle for £6 but you can buy two polishes at the moment for £10 which is great. What’s your favourite nude shade and have you tried out the Urban Outfitters nail polish?
K xx

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  • Finding the right formula for nail polish, something that dries quickly and doesn’t require multiple coats can be so hard, that too for an affordable price seems almost impossible. Thanks for letting me know where I should be looking for it.

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