City Break Beauty Essentials

City Break Beauty Essentials

Last weekend I got back from an amazing trip to Lake Como, and OMG how hard is it to get back into work mode after a holiday!? The views in Lake Como were so pretty, it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to (BTW watch this space for my Lake Como ‘things to do’ recommendations and some holiday snaps that I’m working on having ready this week)…
So anyway, onto today’s post, as much as I love going on holiday, I find packing so stressful, especially when I am limited on space. Usually I am such an organised person you would think that I would plan everything out in advance but I’m the complete opposite no matter how hard I try. I’m way too indecisive I think when it comes to packing and end up bringing things that I don’t end up using! I thought I would show you a few of my city break beauty essentials that I took away with me, for when you want to pack the whole of your beauty cupboard ‘just incase’ but are only limited to the small plastic bag you can take with your hand luggage.
Shampoo & Conditioner
TOP TIP – if you’re going away for a couple of nights start collecting the trial sachets that you sometimes get in magazines, they take up no space at all in your hand luggage! I also packed a travel sized dry shampoo just to refresh my hair between washes. I tried out  COLAB dry shampoo for the first time and it literally smells amazing I’m definitely going to buy a bigger version.

Sun Cream & Aftersun
I would always recommend bringing sun cream and aftersun away with you. We had rain one day then it was so hot the next day I actually burned because I forgot to put on sun cream! For Lake Como I used Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze and Ambre Solaire After Sun Hydrating Tan Maintainer. There are travel sized bottles you can buy but I would recommend buying full sizes and then transferring what you need into…

Travel Bottles!
Save money and buy reusable travel bottles rather than travel mini’s. Superdrug and Boots have a really good selection especially when you’re limited to 100ml, I use squeezy bottles for shower gels and face wash and twist open tubs for creams.
So this is where I usually struggle as there is so much makeup I want to bring. For Lake Como I reused my empty Mineral Veil Primer bottle and put in my new Laura Mercier Blemish Less primer. You can buy other travel sized makeup like mascara and lipgloss but I had enough space to pack my full size versions.
K xx

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