The Carli Bybel Palette & Swatches

The Carli Bybel Palette & Swatches

Happy Monday! Carli Bybel is one of my favourite YouTube beauty vloggers and I was so excited when I found out she was releasing her first eyeshadow palette with bhcosmetics. It sold out so quickly when it first got released and took a couple of months before it came back into stock again. I couldn’t believe how reasonable I managed to buy one for, even with shipping costs from America the palette came to no more than £15! I’d never actually tried any products from bhcosmetics but watching Carli’s ‘how to’ videos looked so amazing, the colours looked really pigmented.

The palette comes with 10 eyeshadows, 4 highlighters and a large inside mirror which is so handy when creating your different eye looks. You’ll see from my swatches that some of the shades are really shimmery and others are much more matte but they work really beautifully together. Unfortunately the shades aren’t named so I’ve started the swatches from left to right, starting with the 4 highlighters on the bottom row. 
The one thing I would say with the Carli Bybel palette is that the shades are so beautiful and the textures are so creamy and pigmented, you would definitely think this would be so much more expensive than it actually is. I’ll upload some eye looks soon on my Snapchat (@TheStyleRaid) and Instagram (@The_Style_Raid). Have you used this palette? What do you think? 
K xx

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